Eric Orr Clay

Clay is my media of choice as I am a tactile person. The ability to press a texture into a malleable surface gives it a signature, a presence of being. Clay allows an immediate and personal involvement with my media. Knowing that what I make can be functional or merely expressive, and can last millennia is both significant and exciting.

Clay is much like life…..a gamble with no assurances. Few other creative medias involve as much trust and faith. You create an object or pot, you hope you have designed it well, with even thicknesses and no trapped air. You then entrust this creation to the fire of a kiln to almost 2000 degrees. If it explodes, you just start over….like getting back on the horse that threw you. After applying color in the form of colorful glaze, you again entrust the kiln and hope your glaze recipe, application and kiln firing schedule will result in an object of beauty. However, a beautiful glaze will never breathe life into a soul-less ugly form.

As a ceramic artist, I am trained in many techniques to the extent that I should be able to form any object out of

clay that I wish. Whether sculptural of functional, my sense of humor often comes out in the piece. This is a tough life, and if you can’t laugh, you are doomed to sorrow

​An added thrill in the act of creation is when you are so lost in the problem solving and manipulation of the clay that you lose a sense of time and control as your intuition takes over.

My work is inspired by ancient forms, dreams, word puns and eccentricities. Like many artists, I am drawn to the shapes, colors and patterns of nature.  My work often reflects the sub-conscious order and detail of the built environment, echoing the forms that we see every day in our 3-D world.

Artists are special souls whose hands, hearts and minds are driven indirectly by God.  I must get back to my studio for life is short, art is long.