Orr Clay STudio

Art has been a lifelong love for me.  It expresses and defines who we are as a person. My college studies are painting, drawing, and printmaking.  I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts and Performance at the University of Texas Dallas and an Art Education Certification at Texas Woman’s University. For 18 years I taught art at Plano Independent School. 

After meeting my husband, Eric in 2015, I found another love of art media in clay. I learned how to throw on the wheel and enjoyed the craft tremendously.  Clay is a versatile media.  I enjoy making pieces and utilize my drawing and painting skills in the application of glazes to create colors and designs. 

I have a passion for teaching art and enjoy teaching in the studio now that I am retired.  I love that art is relaxing for the students. It gives them a place to express themselves and forget the outside world for a short time.  

It is my hope that people feel the passion for art that Eric and I have, and find a way to enjoy it themselves.  When we are gone, only our art is here to show the future generations who we are as a culture and people. 

Tana Holderman-Orr