Private Lessons

Orr Clay STudio

Adult Ceramics

All new wheel throwers are required to attend one private lesson before joining us during regular open studio hours. Ages 17+ only. 

Please note: We are not a date night/party studio, where you come in once to have a good time. Those studios are great... it's just not us!

Although we like to have a lot of fun, our studio is reserved for committed new/experienced artists who are willing to come in consistently to align with the needs of the medium. 

COST: $75 per artist

Payment is due upon scheduling to secure time. We accept card, check and Venmo.

This covers clay, a 2-hour private wheel lesson AND a follow-up day in the studio to glaze your work. All supplies/tools are provided. When you schedule your initial wheel lesson, be ready to schedule your follow-up glazing day about a week later, and then pick up your work a week after that.


Monday:         2-4pm & 5-7pm

Friday:             2-4pm & 5-7pm

We only hold private lessons every other week of the month, so email us at to schedule.


GROUP Reservations*
Wheel throwing group: up to 2 people
Handbuilding group: can be over 3 people

* Serious Group reservation artists are still expected to come in a week later to glaze, and then again to pick up their work!

Painting and Drawing Classes

COST: $30 per artist

Painting and drawing classes are aimed at artists with an established portfolio/sketchbook. 

This covers a 2-hour private lesson. All supplies are provided except for canvases.

Ages 16+ only. 


Monday, Friday, Saturday (email us at to schedule)