The Raku schedule is fluid and based on weather.

The official schedule is available at the studio.

Participation is exclusive to regular students or regular Raku attendants

(this is due to the amount of work that must be completed ahead of raku day)

Each Raku firing falls on a Sunday.

We begin at 1:00PM and normally end by 6:00PM

Raku Schedule

Raku Rules and Fees

Orr Clay STudio

This is a pot-luck event due to the length of time it takes to fire, so bring something tasty!

I provide the glazes. You provide the bisque pots or purchase some bisque ware from me.

There is an 8 pot maximum per person. This does not guarantee all your pots will get fired in the time frame, but I do my best to ensure everyone participating gets some work fired. 

Raku fees: $60 per participant (or $50 for regular students) 

You must RSVP to participate! AND you must sign a waiver.

You may download, print, and sign a waiver in advance and give it to me on Raku day.

If you have already signed a waiver you do not need to sign another one.